Filscot Studio

Darren, Life after 50 and the road to retirement

Filscot Studio - Photography and life after 50

Who I am

My name is Darren, and I have set up Filscot Studio to follow a passion for travel and photography. You will hopefully understand my direction, my past life, and some of the tragedies I overcame as you read on.  Follow my stories, my life after 50 and my road to retirement.

Why I Write

I believe everyone has at least one book in them and, with the right encouragement, will eventually put it on paper.  Writing is very personal to me. It’s a way to vent my stresses and a great way to give people a window into your mind, maybe even your soul.

What I Do

Currently, I am constantly walking the corporate treadmill as an HR Specialist and looking for an escape having moved from engineering to training.  Filscot Studio is part of my escape plan, and as you follow this blog, I hope it will help you figure out your plan.